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Milena Dopitová
Soft Skills
26. 10. - 16. 12. 2017

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Accompanying the opening will be the book launch of the monograph of Milena Dopitová - Even the Same is Different, which will be introduced by the editor of the book Martina Pachmanová at 7 pm. The book was published by the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.


The project Soft Skills consists of several tailor-made objects. Image is its basic building unit; it defines and varies the possibilities of individual compositions. Softness, handicraft and patience connect but at the same time cover up possible messages. A certain communication space is created among the individual objects titled Skok (Leap), Šněrovačka (Girdle), Krb nebo hrob (Hearth or Grave), To přijde (It Is Coming), Pod povrchem (Under the Surface), Po škole (After School). In this space, the soft skills such as the ability to cooperate, negotiation skills, self-reflection, willingness to take risk, thinking based on analogies, decision making in insecure circumstances, networking ability, openness and flexibility play their important role.