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Jakub Choma

Life for Dummies
6. 9. - 14. 10. 2017
curated by Christina Gigliotti

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Existing seems simple enough right? Breathe in, breathe out. By now most of us have mastered the basics, but what about when things get a little more complicated, like making tough decisions in the workplace, or surviving encounters with the giant alien spiders that invaded our planet two decades ago? Life for Dummies can help prepare you for everything. This training manual for being (note: meant for humans only) offers real-life simulations to practice within, and projects the outcomes for each situation based on your choices. Difficulty levels are increased by the intensity of distractions. Navigate, preserve, and even extend your life with this helpful guide. Try Life for Dummies now!

Jakub Choma (b. 1995 in Košice, Slovakia, lives and works in Prague) mainly works within the medium of painting, however, by using a variation of materials and digital techniques, his works often take the form of sculptural collages. Choma presents his first solo exhibition in Polansky Gallery’s project space Parter. His work has been shown in group exhibitions including Hypebeast Vertigo at NTK Gallery in Prague (2017), Material 307 at DOX - Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague (2017) and Irreversible Shift at The Brno House of Arts (2016).