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Lenka Tyrpeklová

Now I can say hello
26. 10. - 16. 12. 2017

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This entire project was created when I had to bid a last farewell to a person close to my heart.

A feast was held – a feast for a group of people who played central roles. These people are connected through a common experience; they interact, support one another and create their own specific type of tribe which was formed only after a common person close to them had passed away.  

The video image doesn’t only emphasize the imagination of feasts – it also leads to a discussion on whether this is a traditional feast with set rituals and customs or a nascent tradition with the atmosphere of a certain incantation. 

The two projections are accompanied by a soundtrack with an unforgettable male voice.


Song from the film To Live (by Akira Kurosawa)

Life is brief - fall in love, beautiful maiden.
Before the tides of passion cool within you.
Life is brief - fall in love, beautiful maiden.
For those of you who know no tomorrow.