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Nik Timková

Knife as Outfit
24. 5. - 15. 7. 2017
text and curated by Christina Gigliotti

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It hurts much more to be cut by a dull blade than a sharp one ­– the skin tears with a great deal of resistance.

Like a polished fingernail with a serrated edge lightly dragging down your cheek

blood breaks the tension

What’s the name of that song? The First Cut is the Deepest?

piercing through thick skin

cover it up, seal it with gauze, with stitches, with spit

When the scar has healed, it will resemble the shape of a half-closed eye.


Nik Timková’s (born 1986 in Košice, Slovakia, lives and works in Prague) works come straight from the depths of a Gothic Disneyland. She combines magic with teenage melancholy and desire. Along with her art practice, she runs the project space Galerie A.M. 180 (with Jakub Hošek) and the contemporary independent music festival Creepy Teepee. She recently participated in New Scenario’s “Residency” at Mariina Skala (2017), and is a finalist in 2017 for the Oskár Čepan award for Slovak artists. She has presented her work in solo exhibitions at Šopa Galery in Slovakia (2016), Berlinskej Model in Prague (2015) and Tráfo Gallery in Budapest (2015). She has participated in group exhibitions at SUPERMARKET - Svarta Huset in Stockholm (2017), Galerie Hraničář in Ústí nad Labem (2016) and TELEP in Budapest (2016), among others.