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Luica Leuci

Prendersi cura
curated by Christina Gigliotti
18. 1. - 3. 3. 2018

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Prendersi cura

We want to be held.

We want to be loved, nurtured, pampered.

We are not of this world, but we can learn from humans how to love, to empathize.

We too turn cold without touch. Gently take us into your arms, mind our heads, coo us to sleep.

We are the first generation, Sophia’s children.

We are perfect.


Lucia Leuci (b. 1977; Bari, IT) lives and works in Milan.

Recent solo exhibitions include: “Prendersi cura” curated by Christina Gigliotti, Polansky Gallery, Prague; “Materia prima” curated by /77, Fondazione Adolfo Pini, Milan; “Mamme cattive, bambini creoli”, TILE Project Space, Milan; “Alley”, presented by Contemporary Art Advisory, Giorgio Galotti project room, Turin; “Rose’s Portrait”, The Art Markets, Milan; “My Heart’s With You”, curated by Alex Ross, 63rd-77th Steps, Bari and “Tukatuka” with Michele Gabriele, CRAC, Cremona; "Sabato pomeriggio #2" GAFF, Milan; “Sabato pomeriggio" Localedue, Bologna, txt Marco Tagliafierro

Recent group exhibitions:“Assiette ou Virage et Dérapage” curated by Something Must Break, Milan, “Biennale of Future Contemporary Arts”, FSC, Copenhagen; “You would like that we were not here. But we are too emotionally absorbed by the home sickness of places that we’ll see only from the windows of our Bentleys” curated by Michele Gabriele, Milan; “Trigger Parties” a project by Siliqoon, Marsèlleria, Milan, “BubbleTea”, curated by PANE project, Milan; “Cupid’s Clearasil” Country Bumpkin, Portland; “Come!”, The Ghost Gallery, Paris; “A night out of town”, Clima Gallery, Milan; “Kelly Bar” curated by PANE project, Milan; The choral project “Susy Culinsky & Friends” by Beatrice Marchi, Fanta Spazio, Milan; “Chapter #2 / Soprannaturale”, Tintoria, Milan; “AFA2”, curated by 63rd-77th Steps, Pane&Pomodoro, Bari; “ALWAYS BRIAN (ti amo)”, curated by 63rd-77th STEPS, FAL, Bari and “Speedboat”, curated by Alex Ross, Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, New York. In 2016 she founded PANE, an artist run project based in Milan.