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Tereza Příhodová

16. 3. - 6. 5. 2017
curated by Christina Gigliotti

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Armed with spears and shields of giant scallop shells, two children prepared to make their way down to the beach. Bark from an old murure tree smoldered in a granite bowl, leftover from the night before. The smoke of the cracking wood stung their eyes. They started off treading through the tangled grass dunes. When they were close enough to the break, they stopped and crouched behind a hill of sand with a view to the horizon. 

“Look, it’s there,” said the girl to her brother, her voice barely audible over the sound of the ocean. 
Two nights before, a storm had violently shaken the island. On the beach lay mangled branches and twisted clumps of sopping seaweed. Among the wreckage, they could make out the shape of a small serpent settled into the sand. It was no longer than a forearm, and covered in matte black and emerald feathers. The children inched cautiously closer. As the creature opened its sleepy eyes, the sky turned black.

Tereza Příhodová (b. 1987, Třebíč, lives and works in Prague) predominantly works in the medium of sculptural collage by exploring and testing the qualities of gathered organic materials. Her body of work subtly touches upon mythology and mysticism – totems shaped by the artist's own language. 

She graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague at the Department of Photography in 2013. Selected solo exhibitions include Return Scooper Bird Nests at Fotografická galerie Fiducia in Ostrava (2016), Dressing Stones at City Surfer Office in Prague (2016), and Wooden Bride at Photogether Galerie in Zlín (2015). Her work has been shown in group exhibitions at Perla in Prague (2016), Kostka Gallery in Prague (2015) and Karlin Studios in Prague (2014).