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Driving Fast Nowhere
Zoe Barcza, Melanie Bonajo, Chris Coy, Harm van den Dorpel, Lars TCF Holdhus,
Thomas Jeppe, Piotr Lakomy, Tan Lin, Petros Moris, Niko Princen, Raphaela Vogel
30. 11. 2013 – 8. 2. 2014

curated by Martin Kohout

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At the last minute, Zoe Barcza looks directly into Melanie Bonajo’s eyes and asks her kindly:
“How many hours a day do you work, darling?” ... as if this century hadn’t happened yet.

Lars Holdhus sits across from Chris Coy at a local 24/7, stirring his cold coffee. Five
breakfasts later, one quick fix, a thousand years.
Thomas Jeppe, Martin Kohout and Piotr Łakomy join the table in slow motion.

On the day of summer solstice, Tan Lin stands aside with Petros Moris at his side, lighting his cigarette. We all dance together without knowing the dance moves, but knowing the music. Without needing to talk. Raphaela Vogel, Niko Princen and a mass of flowing bodies at the brim of dusk. Weaving in circles and intersections, wearing name tags that shake too fast to read.

Harm van den Dorpel is about to tell a joke about waiting.

Driving Fast Nowhere


Polansky Gallery is pleased to present a group show Driving Fast Nowhere curated by Martin Kohout. The exhibition includes a digital publication of the same name, co-published by TLTRPreß.
Available here.

Participating artists

Zoe Barcza, b. 1984 in Toronto, Canada, lives in Stockholm
Melanie Bonajo, b. 1978 in Heerlen, Netherlands, lives in Amsterdam and Berlin
Chris Coy, lives in Las Vegas
Harm van den Dorpel, b. 1981 in Zaandamu, Netherlands, lives in Berlin
Lars TCF Holdhus, b. 1986 in Oslo, Norway, lives in Berlin
Thomas Jeppe, b. 1984 in Perth, Australia, lives in Sao Paulo
Piotr Łakomy, b. 1983, lives in Poznań, Poland
Tan Lin, b. 1957 in Seattle, USA, lives in New York
Petros Moris, b. 1986 in Lamia, Greece, lives in London and Athens
Niko Princen, lives in Berlin
Raphaela Vogel, b. 1988 in Nürnberg, Germany, lives in Frankfurt am Main

Martin Kohout, b. 1984 in Prague, lives in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main